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Friday 21 March

Highlanders vs Hurricanes 08:35(SA Time)

Waratahs vs Rebels10:40 (SA Time)

Saturday 22 March

Blues vs Cheetahs 8:35(SA Time)

Brumbies vs Stormers 10:40(SA Time)

Force vs Chiefs 13:00(SA Time)

Lions vs Reds 17:05(SA Time)

Bulls vs Sharks 19:10(SA Time)

Super Rugby Round6 Predictions and Analysis

As Super Rugby slowly progresses to the midway stage of the competition, the picks does not become any easier with another hard to predict 7 games coming up. Strangely we are at Round 6 of Super Rugby 2014 and except for the Sharks, Chiefs and Brumbies no teams have delivered consistent performances thus far. Are we in for more upsets and inconsistent performances in super rugby round6? This is Super rugby predictions Round 6 Preview.


Super Rugby Round5 Previews & Predictions

The Super Rugby tournament is picking up pace as round5 of Super Rugby approaches. Some teams have settled in nicely, while under teams are still struggling to find form. What can we expect from Super Rugby round5? Read our weekly previews and predictions for Super Rugby round5. All the information, statistics and full analysis is inside, to ensure you make the winning punts. Remember you can also use our super rugby prediction calculator to statistically determine the outcome of a game.


Super Rugby Round4 Review

It’s that time of the week again when we at super rugby predictions do our weekly super rugby review. Super Rugby round 4 was perhaps the round of Super Rugby 2014 thus far that produced the most entertaining super rugby matches, if not the best. Round4 of Super 2014 had a bit of everything in it let’s have a look match for match at Super Rugby round4’s review.


Super Rugby Preview Round 4 of Super Rugby 2014

It's that time of the week again when Super Rugby fever start building up. This time it is round 4 of super rugby and Super Rugby Predictions, "rugby gurus", are back as always using various statistics and analysis, aswell as their super rugby brains. Bringing you the best and most accurate super rugby previews and predictions for each fixture in every round of Super Rugby 2014. Unlike other rugby sites, super rugby predictions preview section features in depth super rugby previews and breakdowns of each team's strengths and weaknesses. That is why super rugby predictions is the most successful super rugby preview site on the internet.


A Review of the best matches of round3 of Super Rugby

Round3 of Super Rugby 2014 was without a doubt the best round of the tournament so far, with some nail bitters, and major upsets throughout the round.
Which teams were impressive, and which teams flopped? What can we take away from round 3 of Super Rugby 2014? Read on for full match reviews and analyisis on the best matches of round3 of Super Rugby.



Despite having one of the strongest rosters in the South African rugby conference, and possibily the entire super rugby tournament, the Sharks has never managed to win a Super Rugby title. With the closest they have ever came was a humiliating Super Rugby final loss against the Chiefs at Hamilton. However there is a different feel to the sharks super team this year. The Durban based rugby site has managed to sign some big names, not to mention one of the best coaches in rugby union history. Can Jake White do with the Sharks what he has done with the Brumbies and Springboks? Or will they choke again under the leadership of Bismarck Duplesus. We at Super Rugby Predictions believe this will be the year of the Sharks Click here to find out


5 Lessons Learned From Round2 Of Super Rugby 2014

Round2 of Super Rugby saw some major upsets especially the biggest upset of them all the Lions over the Stormers. We at Super Rugby Predictions also learned a few things about the upcoming super rugby tournament. Here are the 5 lessons we learned about round 2 of Super Rugby 2014


Key players for super rugby 2014

With some standout out performances from old veterans like Jean Deviliers and Kiera Read for the AllBlacks. While Willie LeRoux has emerged as one of the most exciting rugby players produced by South African Rugby in a long time will they continue with there form in the upcoming Super Rugby season? We at Super Rugby Predictions take a look who will be the key players for Super Rugby 2014.




This year marks the final year of the super rugby competion as we know it. With the controvesy surrounding the Kings super rugby franchise and the South African Rugby Union demanding the inclusion of 6 franchises we are due for some major shakeups. Mean while Japan Rugby Union and Argenina Rugby Union are also pressing for a spot in the Super 15 rugby competition we are due for some major shakeups. FIND OUT MORE

Super Rugby Predictions 2014
10 Bold Super Rugby predictions for 2014

Our chief writer and analyst at Super rugby predictions puts his head on a chopping board and make 10 bold super rugby predictions, which he believes will happen in 2014.

rugby union kicking styles
Rugby Union Kicking styles. The good, bad and ugly

Here at Super Rugby Predictions we take a look at the 10 most outrageous rugby kicking styles. Johnny wilkinson started it with his, at the time, very unusual kicking style. Since then rugby kicking styles has envolved from "normal" to down right outrageous. So without further redue here is Super Rugby Predictions 10 most unusual rugby kicking styles